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#1 The time I...said "Yes", when I should have said "No"

Edinburgh, Scotland. This is post #1 as part of The Agony and the Ex-tacy series.
A few years back, I spent a summer working at Lake Powell in Page, AZ. 
not the worst view in the world to wake up to
My time there basically involved serving people food during my evenings and riding a shuttle bus in to town to Walmart to buy liquor in daylight hours - yes, this was an actual activity. Because apart from a Walmart megastore that stocked everything from car batteries, to fertiliser, to plastic bottles of vodka (you know, the essentials), this town had very little else. The former mostly required answering questions like "Wait, you're from Afreeee-ca. How'd you get here then?" I'd start talking about my time in the snow, followed by the problematic visa extension process when I would be interrupted with "Nooooo, how'd you get HERE". "To the States? I took a boat"**. Seriously?! WOW. 

If you are wondering how this has anything to do with the title of this blog post, stick with me. We are getting there...One night, while waiting for a shuttle bus to take me to my bed after a particularly large night out at the only club in town (called The Gunsmoke, don't ask), I sat next to a cute looking guy from Florida. We chatted. I wasn't attracted to him. We kissed. As you do. And then he walked me to my door (of a teeny tiny dorm room which I shared with a girl mate - we had bunk beds, in the employee compound, on the resort. It was epic). Here's the thing, which I forgot in my inebriated state, the aforementioned boy lived in the same dorm as me. 
Next door, to be precise. 
As he left me at my door, he said, "we should go out sometime". Without thinking, I said "yes". I just wanted to get inside to be alone with my shame. Don't judge. 
(Source via Dropula)
Do you know how hard it is to avoid someone, who lives next door to you? Separated only by paper thin walls? Like he could hear if I sneezed, or showered, or was getting ready to leave the room. I used my quietest indoor-voice at all times, and tried my best to avoid any run-ins by listening for signs of life in his room before exiting mine. It was my best sport. After about two weeks, I ran in to him in the employee cafeteria. He suggested we go out, for sushi. 
The sushi part is important, because although this town existed in an oasis of the Arizona desert with only a Walmart for fun, it had one redeeming feature. The best sushi restaurant I have ever eaten in. EVER. And I have eaten sushi in a lot of places and countries. It was absolutely world-class, and inexpensive. It was probably wasted on this little nowhere town, but man I am glad it existed. Naturally, I said yes. Because I will do anything almost anything for good sushi. And free sushi...WELL... I know, I know, I am a bad person. This guy didn't stand a chance. He had terrible chat, was a bit of a stoner (now that I think about it, this may or may not be related to his lack of chat) and had a rather uninteresting back-story. I am ALL about the back-story. Fortunately most of the time our mouths were stuffed with delicious seaweed rolls. Following the awkward dinner with zero chemistry, and an uncomfortable 30 minute shuttle ride back to the resort in silence, he walked me back to my room. Again. Mostly because he lived next door I'm sure, and not because he was a gentleman. I promised to see him again "real soon" (totally plausable, considering the proximity of our living arrangements), and then spent the rest of the summer playing "neighbour avoidance" like it was my job! Hide-n-seek = total transferable skill from childhood. Fact!   

I go over this in my mind a lot. He probably thought I was a total bitch that summer. And to be fair, I was. To him. All could have been avoided had I just said "No" at the outset. Damn my love of sushi.
Have you ever said "Yes" when you should have said "No"?
Did that picture of sushi make you want sushi. in your mouth. Like, NOW?
x P
** In case there is any confusion, I took a plane. Well about 4 of them, to be exact ;) 

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  1. I dated someone for almost a year because I couldn't say 'no' to the poor man. Do you know how many times we shared a kiss in those twelve months? Twice.

    1. WOW. That is awful! Was this like a first love, or recently? Not having the balls to say "No" is the worst. Especially if you offer me sushi as a prize! x P
      ps. TWICE?! I can't get over that :-/


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