Monday, 30 July 2012

#3 The time I...realised he had a girlfriend, via MySpace

Edinburgh, Scotland. This is post #3 as part of our blog series: The Agony and the Ex-tacy.

The same summer I spent at Lake Powell, Arizona, I worked with a guy who'd just come back from 5 years in the Navy. I LOVE me a man in uniform. And he had tattoos. Yes, he was a total badass. And I was young(er) and impressionable. We had a brief "fling" during a weekend trip to Vegas which ended with me dropping him off at the airport, and him promising to mail and call. Which, in fact, he did. A lot. He suggested I come and visit him in Florida over the winter, so I booked a flight to do just that. Maybe there was a potential something there, and we would be silly not to explore it, no? He wasn't on Facebook at the time (this was before Mr Mark Zee and his FB minions had us all in the grips of their control) and suggested I look him up on MySpace (remember MySpace?!) which I did. And then proceeded to stalk him. Like a pro.

We emailed back and forth, even Yahoo messenger'd (I feel like I am showing my age, but it's mostly made me realised how quickly things have progressed in the last few years!) and then, I noticed a girl posting on his MySpace. Flirtatiously. With increasing frequency. I sent him a message about it, in a totally joking, light-hearted way without (hopefully) coming across as the jealous, obsessed, crazy stalker bitch that I am.
No reply.
A day later, his relationship status changed on MySpace.
Then, unexpectedly, his profile became private.
*Ding Ding Ding* (alarm bells. on repeat)

He did then manage to find the time between posting half naked pictures of him and his new slut girlfriend to mail me back. Confirming what social media had already shown me. He had in fact met someone, while at the same time declaring his love lust for me through phone, email, messenger and text. ALL the platforms for new age long-distance love. I asked if he still wanted me to visit (yes, I am an idiot. But I'd already spent hundreds of dollars on the trip, mkay?!) He said he did, but that "SHE" probably wouldn't like it much. The SHE in question was a 19 year old recent high-school graduate, not yet legal to drink. Also without a Facebook profile to stalk (I KNOW, who were these people without FB! And how did they live???) He was 25 year old bad boy with a thing for high school girls. I really don't know why I bothered. Mostly.

He emailed me the following January, said he missed me, and that I should come and visit him now. I assumed it was because him and the girl had parted ways. A mutual friend confirmed I was right.
So, I changed my flight and never replied. And he never accepted my Facebook friend request. The End.

Ever realised you'd been cheated on via social media? It makes you feel like a real winner, doesn't it?
Boys, meh. x P

If you would like to do a story for us, along the lines of "The time I..." please get in touch. It can be happy, sad, funny, cringe-worthy. As you know, we won't judge... much! 

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