Thursday, 19 July 2012

Blog Swap and other (equally) exciting things!

Edinburgh, Scotland.
Next week Tuesday we will welcome Joie (pronounced Joey) who blogs over at Joie means Joy  to share a childhood summer vacation story with us. She is a doll and gave us the nicest of intro's. Not only is Joie totally amazing for having more than two blogs running simultaneously (try five!), but she also is a bi-polar survivor AND has a job in professional rodeo. Yeh, she's kinda awesome.
I will also be hosted by Dan over at his blog next week, with a post about summer things, like the Olympics (but mostly just about things that I think should be an Olympic sport!). AND Jemily and I have a new exciting blog series that we will announce shortly. Hopefully we'll kick things off next week. 

It's ALL happening in our little blog world (the "real world" will have to wait), x Precious


  1. D'aaawwww. Thanks! Excited to hear about the new blog series from you.

    1. pleasure! and thanks. (wait that sounded like the wrong way round, but you know what I mean) x Precious

  2. A new blog series? Is!?!

    1. well it is about hook-ups, break-ups, f*ck-ups... you know, the "usual" :) we are covering some of our dating and boy disaster stories. Some are happy, some are sad, and hopefully some will make you laugh! x Precious


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