Monday, 6 August 2012

#5 The time I...broke up with someone, via public phone, using a 3rd party

Edinburgh, Scotland. This is also the story of my first boyfriend in high school. When I was 12, I belonged to a junior lifesaving club. I grew up at the seaside, my Dad surfed, it was something you did. At the end of my first season with the club, we had a prize-giving at the beach, and a very cute boy asked my best girl friend if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I told my girl friend that I would date him, and she ran off and told him. He then got in the car with his parents and drove off. Why he waited the entire season to ask me out when we had been spending 4 nights a week and 1 day a weekend in each other's company for the previous 6 months, and now we'd be spending zero nights and weekends together, I'll never know!

Nowadays, what would probably happen is the boy would get home, log in to Facebook, change his status to make us FBO ("facebook official"). We'd have chats online and via BBM or Whatsapp, send each other silly emoticons of hugs and such, and make plans to meet up. However, this was back in the pre-Facebook, pre-cellphone dark days. When using the landline at home meant a new, strange number would show up on your parent's itemised phone bill and result in questions you weren't ready to answer. This boy and I also had two additional things working against us - he was a year younger than me and as such, at a different school, and he lived in the town next door to mine. Less than 10km separated us, but at 12 years of age, it felt as though he may as well have lived in Switzerland. 
In the time that we "dated" (give or take 3 months), I saw this kid ONCE people! I went to watch movies at a girl friend's house in the town next door to mine (conveniently, the same town where this boy lived) and surprise, surprise he was there. I am not sure how this was even arranged, I guess my friend must've known him from her last school and called him up on his folks' phone and invited him. We held hands, and hardly spoke.
I remember asking him why he didn't ask me out in person (the over-analysing boys motives started so young). 
I think I declined to kiss him (I was such a prude, and also probably thought I would see him again soon so I shouldn't put-out on our first "date"). 
weren't these just THE worst to try and re-fold! #fail
In the meantime, an older boy at high school was actively pursuing me. And by "actively pursuing" I mean, writing me love letters in those hard to re-fold formats, and telling everyone, except me, how cute he thought I was. He also used to pull my school tie so that it formed a near-impossible-to-undo knot as a declaration of his undying love. Playground tactics *shakes head*.
This was obviously both flattering and inconvenient. Having a boyfriend that I never saw would not do. However, I didn't want to be a bitch and "cheat" on him. (Not by kissing anyone. Still hadn't done that. Just by agreeing to "go out" with Boy #2 while Boy #1 was still technically my boyfriend. Ah yes, I was so young and innocent. Nothings changed ;) ) Naturally in situations such as this, I consulted my BFF and we decided that the best move, the only option, would be to break up with Boy #1. Immediately. Obviously as seeing him in-person was probably not an option, this would need to be conducted telephonically. Because, even at this early age, I hated having difficult conversations, my BFF agreed to break up with him for me. We went down to the beach-front one weekend, put 40 cents in the payphone, dialled his number and then she broke the news. He asked lots of questions as to "Why" and my BFF fielded them like a pro, never mentioning Boy #2. And with that, I was FREE!

And that is the story about how I broke up with someone on a public payphone, using my best friend as an intermediary.  I don't think I actually ever broke up with anyone myself, in person, until I was at least 16!
Yours in always getting someone else to do your dirty work, x Precious


  1. oh how i miss middle school relationships. couldn't have been easier.

    1. I miss them too! A folded note in the middle of class that says - "Do you like me?" and then a "Yes" box and a "No" box. WISH it was still that simple! x P

  2. Awesome story. And I never was able to fold those notes right. Was there a class I missed?

    1. i know, right?! I remember having to get people to show me. And then I would go home and practise like the good little nerd I am! x P

  3. Thank you SO much for your sweet words on my Blog... I'm so happy to have found yours!
    Two things, seeing Elle's button on your page AND a clip from a Disney movie... You're my kinda gal. We're going to be GREAT friends.
    Grabbing some tea and coming back for a read...
    Your new follower :)

    1. Aw you are lovely! As is your blog. Thanks Rachel!
      x Precious


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