Thursday, 9 August 2012

distraction, procrastination, and other things that end in "-tion"

Edinburgh, Scotland. So Jemily will be jetting off to the land of the free and home of the brave this weekend for work. And I have that small, silly "little" dissertation that requires some much-needed attention (*she types, while staring at a blank Word document for the 3rd day in a row*. Woe) So we will be taking a brief break from some of our regular scheduled programming until things are back under control. And I am not just talking about my ever-expanding waistline (re-join the gym - check. I mean, that is half the battle won, right?!).

What will change, you ask - well, we will be keeping up with Wednesday Mensday, but putting Sunday Song on hold. And after tomorrow's post, The Agony and the Ex-tacy blog series will resume in the last week in August. So, not really much at all then!

I have been struggling to focus on successfully making it to graduation at the end of the year, because I live in Edinburgh. And it is August.
man with a van
Which means the largest annual cultural festival, aptly named Edinburgh Festival, is happening on my doorstep. Right this second. And it goes for a full month, people. The month that is crunch time for my MBA. Crisis. I just want to go to comedy shows (all of them) and drink beer from plastic cups (all the time) *sob*
portobello beach
Also, summer has come to Scotland, at long last. Which makes being indoors researching stuff terribly boring. The sun stays up until 9pm. The pubs and bars are open until 3am (thank you Festival). It's so hard to be a good little student.

yours in majoring in procrastination (and full-on Instagram addiction), x Precious

PS. For those of you nerds who are wondering about those other words that end in "-tion", here, I saved you the time: dissertation, attention, addiction, graduation. You're welcome :)

PPS. We missed Wednesday Mensday yesterday, my bad. You can look forward to a TRIPLE bill next week. Yes, three men. Thrice the fun. Ok, ok, you get it...


  1. Wow, that must be rubbish having work to do during the Festival. I'm going up on Monday for the first time and am really excited!

    1. And when I say, it's happening "right on my doorstep" - the back steps of the B-School, which also happen to be where our MBA syndicate rooms are situated, literally touch the George Square (Assembly) venue. I can smell the beer and hear all the fun. It's so sad.
      Festival is amazing though - you will have a great time! Be sure to check out the Underbelly in Bristo Square. Also hope that the amazing weather we've been having sticks around next week for your visit. x Precious

  2. i did in fact grab some tea and sit down for a good read of your blog and, light came on, blonde moment squashed... you are in fact, elle!? or, half of you is elle? wow, how did i miss this!? im not a very quick one, am i? oh well, it explains why i love the blog so much!
    wonderful work ladies... :)

    1. Indeed, half of us is Elle! Elle / Jemily. It's ok, I am guessing you had the small matter or organising / attending your wedding when the big reveal happened ;) Thanks for the sweet words.
      x Precious
      PS. we are now following you (apologies, thought we were already!)


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