Monday, 20 August 2012

Old Faces and New Spaces

Edinburgh, Scotland. I spent the last three days running around parts of Scotland I haven't explored before, and getting my drink on (of course!). I stayed (and played) with good friends that Jemily and I met on our winter in Park City, UT. Despite being exhausted from one to many late nights and drunken deep and meaningful conversations (including texting Jemily into the early hours because we missed her so damn much), I feel somewhat refreshed and ready to tackle what is left of my studies. Spending time with good people who just "get you" and make you feel at home can do that for a girl.
Loch Muick
our wee pals
I jet off tomorrow for interviews in Ireland and start an internship on Monday, so maybe I am growing up after all!

x Precious


  1. Scotland is one of my most favorite places on Earth.

  2. it is pretty when the sun shines! x P


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