Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday Song

Edinburgh, Scotland. So I have a small confession (which is probably not so secret if you have been perusing our blog for a wee while). If you took what your Dad listens to (assuming your Dad, like mine, grew up in the 60s and 70s, and was a bit of a hippy) and the UK Top 40 and added in some alternative / indie rock, a handful of pop and a sprinkling of country you'd have my iTunes library. Yes. 

Now my Liquid Chef's iTunes basically contains everything mine doesn't. Rap, Hip-Hop and Dance. Having clicked through his music library recently, the only things I like and / or recognise is Jurassic 5, the Californication OST and the Step-Up 2: The Streets OST.

When we first got together he did make a huge effort to download a bunch of "my" sort of music like Kings of Leon, the Killers and MGMT to try and get in to it. So sweet. (*sigh* it didn't last). So today I thought I'd return the favour and we'd have something that he has chosen from his collection, which I approve for your consumption. Dare I say, maybe even like? It's T-Pain feat. Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen with 5 O'clock

Listen. Enjoy. Then get back to Olympics watching. x Precious
ps. How crazily British was that opening ceremony last Friday eve? I loved it. I think?! Am sure I wasn't the only confused little foreigner raising my eyebrow at certain bits. Also convinced they make up half the names of countries in the procession. What an education!

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