Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wednesday = Mensday

Edinburgh, Scotland. These two African gems have had me bouncing up and down on my couch, screaming out their names, loudly, repeatedly, this past week.

South African Olympic gold medallists in swimming, Cameron van der Burgh (pictured top) and Chad le Clos (pictured bottom). What did you guys think I meant?
If you are listening to the BBC commentary you probably weren't aware that they were even contenders for the gold, or in Chad's case, in fact won gold ("The uh-mazing Phelps makes history as he wins 18 Olympic medals bla bla" *ahem* he got the silver medal, and that little African shedding tears about beating his idol just got gold. So, Mr BBC, let's focus on THAT, shall we?! grrr)

yours in being the proudest little African, x Precious


  1. oh I just melted when I saw van der Burgh win the other day - easily the sexiest Olympian I've come across


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