Friday, 14 September 2012

#7 The time I...met a boy in the girl's bathroom at a club

Edinburgh, Scotland. To celebrate me entering the last year of my 20s (*shudder*) and for surviving my first semester of my MBA, I decided to throw myself a grown-up party. And by grown-up party I mean, instead of getting people to bring beers round to mine and I supply the Doritos, I booked a booth at a fancy shmancy bar-slash-club in the city centre, invited 14 of my closest classmates (don't judge - I had only been here 2 months, I didn't have any other friends!), and ordered a few bottles and table service for the evening. So as you can expect, the same sort of result had I hosted at my flat (mostly) EXCEPT this way I didn't have to clean up on a hangover, I drank Grey Goose all night instead of Smirnoff Red, and I insisted everyone dressed up pretty. I'm shallow.
At about 1am (details are sketchy) I went to the girl's loo (or "restroom" if you are American) and as I walked out of my cubicle, there was a boy standing near the door.
1st thought - "Sh*t, how drunk are you girl, you have been using the boys bathroom all evening!"
2nd thought - "Have I been in here so long that my mates sent the bouncer to look for me?" ... yes this is not an entirely rationally thought, I know, because why would my friends be so lazy that they call the bouncer rather than just come themselves. But I am not always rational.
When the dude saw me, he just smiled and walked out. ...
I went back to my friends on the d-floor and then I saw this boy with his mates standing across from us. So being vodka-brave, I marched on over to him, finger pointing. And before I can even say anything, he goes "Oh ja you were the chick in the bathroom, sorry man". And then I hear it. He is South African. And it being my birthday, and me being so far from home, I am feeling especially nostalgic. So he pulls me to one side and asks me where I am from, and then gives me his number. Which I didn't even ask for. He offers to introduce me to other South Africans. It is all very sweet.

This is also the story about how I came all the way to Edinburgh to meet and fall in love with someone from my home country! We moved in together 3 months after this night. And we celebrated our 3/4 of a year anniversary last week. x Precious
Hiya, remember us. We have been bad bloggers on a break :/

SO today marks the halfway point of our blog series. In case you've missed any, catch up here:
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There was the time I was bribed with sushi to go on a date, got cheated on and uncovered it via MySpace, and got someone to break up with a boy for me via phone. Jemily broke up with a long-distance love via Facebook and then was inappropriately propositioned via social media. Ew. I also tried speed-dating (once) to meet my person and laughed so much I cried.


  1. Just came upon your blog via romantically challenged, and glad I did! I always love finding a blog which is somehow connected to Edinburgh (since that is where I live) and I love this story!

    1. yah! Edinburgh is one of my all time favourite places to live and i'm so glad i'll be here a wee while longer, until December. Welcome to our blog, glad you found us through little. x P


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