Friday, 21 September 2012

#8 The time schooled in online dating (Guest Post)

Today we are very excited to host Little in our blog series. Jemily and I have followed her for quite some time now, and NO-ONE does dating like this girl. We are big fans, and not just because she uses words like "no-no square". Read. Learn. Thank us later. x Precious
hey guys! i'm little from romantically challenged and today i am bringing you my 1-2-3 rule for online dating.

1. always read the fine print: on okcupid you can rate someone to let them know your interested. that's how i make the first move. it's my way of saying, "hey boo! i think you look fiiiine. hit me up, gangsta." and it is all based on the photos. there are thousands of guys on the site, i will read your profile if you decide your interested. and the first thing i will look at is the very bottom where you state what you are looking for. casual sex? no, thanks. activity partner? what is that? new friend? i have enough, thank you. short-term or long-term relationship? let's see where this goes.

2. a guy that pokes fun or teases you in an uncomfortable way on the dating site: i'm a firm believer in being on your best behavior when you first start dating someone. you have to get a feel for the person before you dive in head first. when a guy is kind of a jerk, but slightly covers it up with a "; )" or "lol" chances are he is just a jerk. my red alert is when a guy makes fun of my size in a sexual way. being small has other advantages as well, bucko, like head-butting you in your no-no square.

3. when in doubt, send a friend request: one of the biggest issues i've had with online dating is meeting someone that looks nothing like their photos. my solution - facebook friend requesting or instagram. dude, i liked your side profile in black and white but full-frontal-color you isn't as attractive and now i see why you only posted side-profile on your profile. of course this rule doesn't apply to every guy on there. some guys just don't care what photos they put up.

my key rule: take online dating with a grain of salt. there truly are a lot of fish in the sea and online dating can be a way to swim a little farther. 

UPDATE: We are featured on little's blog today. Go here for our post x

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