Wednesday, 26 September 2012

four things

Edinburgh, Scotland. 
1. It is not even the end of September (a month back home that signals the start of Spring, but really just a milder summer because we don't really have distinctive seasons at the bottom of the dark continent. Sun, sun, one month less sun, more sun. Edinburgh's summer is our winter. It is glorious. I miss vitamin D. Remind me why I left? *chants* first world, first world, first world...) and yet my adopted city has decided it is winter already. It's dark, wet, cold and windy. All my worst weathers in one.

2. Anyone else feel like Christmas is coming early this year? Or just Sainsburys in Edinburgh who already have an entire aisle dedicated to Christmas goodies. WTF. It's not even Halloween people. I feel like this may or may not be related to point number 1. Stop confusing the weather gods big Retail giants! Unless I get presents early, in which case, do continue.

3. I will see Jemily this weekend. YES. Despite getting the months mixed up (ugh, see 1. and 2.) as to when I was meant to be visiting, I managed to organise my life, get very last-minute leave approved, bought presents, restrained myself from playing with said presents (have had to box them up, because I am 5 years old with zero self-control), bought vodka (because, obviously) in no time at all. Jemily and I are mostly excited for the bouncy castle that will be at a kid's party we are attending, and the fact that we are going to introduce beer pong to Liverpool (with proper red cups specially sourced from America!). Outfits planned, bags (almost) packed, fun ahead.

4. And as it is Wednesday that means *drum roll* MENSDAY. Couldn't go buy another week without a yummy pic. You're welcome.
oh jake. you are so pretty.

x Precious


  1. Very pretty! Agreed, weather here in Edinburgh is atrocious at the moment, and as for Christmas things... yes. And it's not just Sainsburys! Waitrose and Scotmid are doing it too. Very confusing, especially considering summer didn't even happen here... Happy Wednesday :)

    1. i love that. "summer didn't even happen here". no, no it certainly didn't.
      oh dear, Waitrose and Scotmid to! If you see a crazy person running around one of those stores this weekend throwing an epic tantrum about it not being close to christmas yet, that person will be me. x P

  2. That's what I'm talkin' about. Jake is fabulous.
    Here's a little funny tid-bit of info... For some reason, whenever my man is out without me, he gets gals hitting on him saying he looks like JG. I've even witnessed it myself! They both have blue eyes, that's the only similarity I can see... But 4 different women, 4 different times...!? I mean, I am by no means complaining hehehe...

    1. u lucky, lucky b*tch. haha! we may need to feature your man on Wednesday Mensday in future then ;) have a great weekend. x P


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