Monday, 10 September 2012

morbid fascination

Edinburgh, Scotland. So today's the day I admit something I usually would rather keep to myself - I have a mild obsession with mysterious deaths.
Slowing down when I pass the scene of a car accident (and in my homeland, there are many) - Guilty.
Googling serial killers and cult leaders - Done. *blush*
Maybe it is the fact that I read too many Nancy Drew novels as a kid and fancy myself a bit of a (very inexperienced) amateur detective. Or the fact that I grew up in a small town where nothing exciting ever happened.

In the latter half of last week, there was a tragic shooting of a family in the French Alps. Just outside of a sleepy French town that I visited with Jemily, back in January. In fact, Jemily and her boy ride their bikes in the forest there, and it is a popular spot for British tourists. I have been glued to the updates on this story. At first, police thought it may have been a botched hijacking attempt. But like, that doesn't happen in rural France AND the occupants of the vehicle were shot execution style (horrific) so it looks like a professional hit. In addition, a passing cyclist (a local man) was also shot. There were two survivors. The first, a young girl (the 8 year old daughter of the couple who were killed in the car), was discovered stumbling away from the car and collapsed in front of a second passing cyclist who was the first to the scene. She's in an induced coma with head injuries. The second, a 4 year old girl (the sister of the 8 year old), was only discovered EIGHT hours after the police arrived on the scene as she was hiding in the footwell of the backseat of the car under her mother's skirt. She must've been in such shock, poor wee thing. In addition to the couple, the daughters and the 1st passing cyclist, there was also an older woman victim in the backseat of the vehicle. She was initially assumed to be the children's grandmother. But apparently that may not be the case. The plot thickens...

If you have been living under a rock, or like Jemily (without access to the internet AND without access to a best friend such as myself who is happiest when sharing international breaking news of this magnitude via Whatsapp messenger with anyone who will buy in to her crazy "it's a conspiracy theory" musings), then go Google "shooting in the Alps" and play catch-up, people.
Was it an assassination attempt? Does the fact that the father was an aeronautical engineer who moved from Iraq 30 years ago to the UK have anything to do with this? Draw your own conclusions.

I know this is a little darker than our usual postings and I hope my seriously odd fascination with mysteries such as this doesn't offend anyone. The circumstances surrounding this are absolutely awful and I really hope they catch whomever is responsible, real soon. In the meantime I'll be the one hunched over my laptop, hitting refresh, and formulating my own theories. x Precious


  1. WHOA! That it intense! Scary stuff...

  2. I'm sensing a murder-mystery novel in your future? I won't begin to share my weird obsessions. My husband would have me committed.


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