Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday Song

Edinburgh, Scotland. Jemily is currently poolside in France sunning herself alongside royalty (no really, I'm NOT making this up! She'll have to tell you all about it), while looking after a little munchkin. And I returned to the corporate life this week. Basically - my feet hate me, and I am slowly remembering why I thought general moving and shaking and running-in-heels was very overrated a year ago, when I quit the rat-race and fled the mother-land. On the upside, the establishment I am spending the next few months at have their own Starbucks in the staff canteen which makes me smile (and also means I can actually hold a conversation with people before 9am. bonus). While we are not quite ready to return to our regular scheduled programming on this blog, as previously promised, we do have a Sunday Song treat for you, in the form of K-Pop. This is amazing.

However what is even more amazing is that Jemily and I have a good friend from Park City who has been doing this odd horse-riding dance move (or a variation thereof) since '08. Watch. Enjoy.

yours in bringing you ALL kinds, x Precious 

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