Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wednesday Mensday

Edinburgh, Scotland. Meet Taylor Kitsch. He's in his early 30s, Canadian and single. Interested?
I first discovered him in Friday Night Lights, the television series set in Dillon, Texas. And before you mock, no this was not just a show about high school football (or the movie starring Billy Bob). In that, Taylor played Tim Riggins - basically a borderline alcoholic who falls in love with his best friend's girl *sigh*. But I am sure you aren't all that interested in the back story. So instead, here are some pictures.

You may recognise him from Wolverine with Hugh Jackman where he plays Gambit. And this year he starred in Battleship with Alexander Skarsgard, who we featured in our last Mensday post. Basically, Taylor saves the world in Battleship which is kinda badass. He is also starring in the Oliver Stone movie Savages alongside Blake Lively (from Gossip Girl fame, and also of "she who dates Ryan Reynolds" fame). The boyfriend chooses to watch these movies because he is actually interested in the plot. Whereas I watch them for more selfish reasons, *ssshhh* don't tell.
if I was Ryan, I'd be concerned
2012 has been his year, even if his movies aren't getting amazing reviews. Don't worry Taylor, we still love you.

Yours in bringing you the men each week (again), x Precious

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